About CCS

What if you weren’t held back by things like “experience” or “talent”? These are the words the gatekeepers like. The words that give them power. At the Center for Corporate Studies, we put those words in your mouth, so you can see how good they really taste. 

Come join us at our state-of-the-art academy in Modesto, CA, just a few hours from Silicon Valley, and see what you’ve been missing. 


Jon Kato, Founder

Entrepreneur, Consultant and Explorer Jon Kato founded the Center for Corporate Students in 2012. Before founding CCS, Kato was a cereal entrepreneur, creating a line of business-centric breakfast foods including Honey Nut Checks and High Probability Charms. A regular fixture on the “20 CEOs to Watch Out For” list (badbusinesswatch.com), Kato has worked in a host of industries from high-interest loans to financing of Nairobi royalty. A decorated athlete, Kato is a former two-time basketball champion (Modesto YMCA League, Mid-Level). Kato spends most of his time in beautiful Modesto, CA with his dog, son and two wives.  

Max Bower, Student

Max Bower ('11) is a member of CCS’s inaugural 2011 graduating class. Showing an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, Max was president of Ragland Regional High School’s Civil War Reenactment Team and “Rockapella” Group, both of which he started. An active community member, Max currently sits on the board of several important local causes including “Stop Fracking CA” and “Frackers with Heart”. After an eight-week course at CCS, Max was immediately promoted to a prestigious VP position at his company, a position he soon left to teach full-time at CCS. He resides happily with his dogs in Modesto, CA.