Customer fatigue. Cognitive Load. Shifting paradigms. If you don’t understand what this means, then you probably don’t know how to take things offline. You’re high level, sure, but after our eight-week curriculum you’ll be taken to the highest level. Take a deep dive and circle back once you’re at your corner office.

Learn the power of the one-sentence paragraph in just eight short weeks.

Week 1: Finding Your Unicorn: Jargon 101

This is our new-hire orientation. Newbie questions allowed, but leave your dictionaries at home, interns. Because we’re going to open the kimono. 

Week 2: Making Decks

Ever wanted to change that hue of #FF0000 into a sprightly #FF5733? Now is your chance. In week 2, we’ll teach you not only how make decks but also how to revise the slide master. You’re probably still using animation in your slides.

WEEK 3: Writing Narratives

In week 3, we’ll teach you why decks have gone the way of Hewlett Packard. Today, driving business is done with narratives. If you feel like you’re ready for something advanced, we may even cross over into writing playbooks. 

WEEK 4: Negotiation

Good try, but we’re not naming the course description first.


Our one-week startup dialect intensive. Series Q funding is yours for the taking. Pass over the Red Bull—we’re about to go into a linguistic coding jam. 

WEEK 6: Framing the problem

In this course, we’ll give you arrows to fire at the end of the day. You’ll be alpha dog by EOW. 

WEEK 6.5: Reframing the Problem

Curveball. Don’t expect to be a rockstar if you can’t pivot and re-frame. In week 7, we’ll put you in front of the entire team as you lead your first all-hands. Map out the ecosystem and share your curated vision. 

WEEK 7: Bridging the Gap

In week 7, we’ll teach you how to bridge the gaps. All of them. Education gaps. Supply chain gaps. Gaps in funding. Mind the gap. Adam Driver’s 2013 Gap advertising campaign. 

WEEK 8: Closing the Deal

This is what you came here for. The ultimate test. You won’t need a Week 9 course after we teach you how to close the deal. Plus, I have a hard stop at 3pm and will be out of pocket. So I’m bandwidth constrained; we’ll have to wrap this up after Week 8.