At CCS, we are always pivoting. That’s why we now include Disruptr, our new one-week Startup dialect crash course. Because change-makers don’t grow overnight. They are biohacked. Time to find out if your digital personal is horizontally integrated. 

At Disruptr, we’ll bring you more than your average Tim Ferriss tips to success. We’ll 80/20 your 80/20. That’s 64/4. 


Featured Alumnus: Pat Kennedy

Optimist. Dreamer. Chief expert in 01100001 01110111 01100101 (that’s binary for ‘awesome’). An accepted applicant of Y Combinator, Pat turned down his acceptance to attend CCS, citing the fact that true change cannot come from within. After graduating from CCS, Pat went on to become the founder of Fami.ly, an “Uber for Family Reunions,” and now occupies a corner section next to the almond milk keg in a weWork space. Prior to graduating CCS, Pat was a finalist in the 2012 World Memory Championship Games. He still practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in his bedroom in Modesto, CA.


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